About Us

MEPL started manufacturing Color and black and white televisions in 1989. With just few employees MEPL started growing by 1995 employee strength was grown to 150. 

When cable TV was introduced in India, the existing TV at that time had only 8 channels without remote And Sensing This Opportunity at that time, MEPL started manufacturing 90 channel remote converter kit to convert normal tv To fully functional remote TV. Now the consumers could convert their existing 8 channel TV to 90 channel remote control TV. This convertor kit became very popular In India and neighboring countries.

This success laid foundation for MEPL as a innovative and affordable brand for high quality products. By year 2000 company started manufacturing & selling DVD, VCD players & Home theatre systems at a affordable price. MEPL was pioneer in 5.1 home theater systems with Dolby, DTS, Optical & Coaxial inputs. 
Company currently manufactures high quality LED Televisions, Home Theatres & Electronic accessories. Most of our products are developed and made in India to suit Indian conditions. As a small company we are proud to say that our products are at par with any international brands and at a affordable price.
MEPL is dedicated at introducing technologically advance high quality products at very reasonable price.